linksys WRT54G v.5 linuxable

akhirnya menemukan firmware yang cocok untuk radio linksys WRT54G.

di install DD-WRT malah jadi bagus, bisa bikin power naik hingga 251 mW, bahkan channel 2,4 GHz nya bisa hingga channel 14

dari wiki nya urutan cara upgrade firmware DD-WRT ke linksys WRT54G sebagai berikut:

For the WRT54G v5, v5.1, and v6 ONLY

1. Download [] and extract.

2. Download [] and extract, OR create a custom firmware image with your MAC address embedded in it. See the ‘Changing your MAC address’ section below for more information.

3. Download [DD-WRT micro generic]. You may want to check [DD-WRT] to make sure there isn’t a newer version than v23 SP2 beta 08/03/06. Do not use the one labelled ‘WRT54G’ or ‘WRT54GS’, use the ‘generic’ version.

4. If you don’t know how to use (or don’t have) a console mode TFTP tool (i.e. tftp.exe), download the [Linksys TFTP transfer tool].

5. You will want to assign your network adaptor a manual IP address, since you may loose your automatically configured one and have trouble TFTP’ing the firmware. To do this see the troubleshooting section or google it. It’s done at the properties dialog of your network connection, in the ‘Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)’ properties.

6. Go to your router’s web based interface and enter the ‘Administration’ tab. Then select ‘Firmware Upgrade’ and choose the vxworks_prep_v03.bin file. Hit apply. After a minute, your browser window will go blank. At this point, power cycle your router.

7. Again point your web browser to You’ll see a different sort of firmware upgrade screen. This is the Management Mode. Select and apply the vxworks_killer_g_v06.bin firmware upgrade. WAIT for your browser window to turn to report ‘Success’. Have troubles? Try a different web browser, the http daemon in management mode is very finicky.

8. Now unplug the power cord of your router, then plug it back in. The power LED should now be blinking.

9. Now you need to do a binary mode TFTP transfer of DD-WRT micro generic to your router. To do this you can use the Windows TFTP console mode utility, the Linksys TFTP Windows GUI utility, or some other TFTP client. You may have to disable your firewall if by some chance it is blocking outgoing connections on port 69. Many TFTP clients don’t default to binary mode, so be sure to specify it (i.e. the -i switch with the Windows console mode TFTP utility).

o For Windows TFTP console mode utility (example, adjust accordingly):
+ tftp -i put dd-wrt.v23_micro_generic.bin
o For the GUI utility
+ simply enter your router’s IP (, select dd-wrt.v23_micro_generic.bin, leave the password field blank, and initiate the transfer.

Do NOT reboot your router after TFTP’ing, this will happen automatically. It takes a couple minutes after the TFTP transfer finishes for the firmware to actually be flashed.

Skip to ‘finalizing’ below, or ‘troubleshooting’ if you’ve run into problems.


After your router reboots itself following the TFTP transfer, you should have access to the DD-WRT’s HTTP interface at

Congratulations, you’re now running DD-WRT micro! This was a one tim operation, future firmware updates do not require this process.

If you have problems, please visit an appropriate user forum to get aid from your fellow users. There are many common problems, and common solutions. I suggest the forums at [].

Remember, the default username and password for a new DD-WRT flash is:

* username: root
* password: admin

selesai dan selamat ngelinukin linksys wrt54g v.5 anda
Nah jika dah bosen pake linux di linksys wrt54g v.5 maka untuk balikin ke firmware aslinya berikut langkah kerjanya:

How to revert back to the original Vxworks based Linksys firmware

Reverting back to VxWorks is now a simple process. I’ve created a firmware image that does nothing but revert your router back to a VxWorks. This firmware is based on OpenWrt.

Automatic reversion (MAC address and serial # not restored)

For the WRT54G v5, v5.1, and v6 ONLY

1. Download [] and extract.
2. Download the latest Linksys firmware for your router from
3. In the DD-WRT Administration/Firmware? Upgrade tab, select and apply the openwrt-wrt54g_v4-squashfs.bin firmware you extracted in step 1.
5. After a few minutes (have patience) your router will reboot itself and the VxWorks boot loader’s Management Mode will be engaged. You can visit it at If the browser doesn’t respond, WAIT LONGER. Do not power off your router.
6. In the Management Mode, select and apply the Linksys firmware you downloaded in step 2. DO NOT apply vxworks killer instead, even if you want to go back to linux again right away. You must first apply a Linksys firmware to re-initialize the flash before you can go back to linux.
7. Power cycle the router after you see ‘Success’.

Skip to finalizing below..


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