SEO myths

Before starting this article let me tell you something: I’m not a design nor a SEO Guru. I’m simple here to share with you all a little article I read. If somebody does not agree with the points stated here, please let us all know.

According to a recent article I read at Promotion World there are many important factors that influence a lot a web site’s design and it’s SEO. Which is very important if we really want to place your webpage among the first results.

Flash is not recommended:
I know already that many of us love the Flash animations, because we can create amazing effects with it. But we have to remember the spiders cannot index anything that is too Flash-y. Try not to over-Flash your site. In case you still want to do something cool, just go for something like XHTML.

Don’t use Frames:
The same thing applies here like with Flash, spiders have a very hard time indexing all the info split in frames. And every-time someone tries to find you in a search engine, there’ll be a message saying “We’re sorry you need a frame supported explorer to go into this site”. Just take all the frames off you web. In case you really need to use them, go for a more Search Engine friendly way, for example NOFRAMESandgt tag, so your content will be indexed without much problem.

Try to find the most used key words:
Remember we need to let people know we exist, that’s why it’s really important to use the most common key words typed.
Keywords in the tag andlt;titleandgt:
This is the first tag that search engines use, that’s why it has to be short and descriptive.

Keywords in the URL address:
Including keywords in the file names is very important, because nowadays search engines use all the resources available at your webpage. It’s not like before when they only used one little word or description.

CSS style sheets:
It’s highly recommended to create menu with CSS style sheets because you’ll be able to index all the content that include all the links. Nothing will be left in the shadows.

Including your keywords in the text documents:
Even though if having your keywords is really important, it’s also very important not to abuse them. Search engines can penalize your for this.

Use the keywords on your Anchor Text:
This one here is a little bit odd for me, but the article claims that it’s good to use keywords in the anchors text of your hyperlinks.

Keywords on the headers:
Using Heading Tags is very important. It doesn´t matter if it’s H1 or H2, etc., try to place your keywords in all these. This will help your site get a better ranking on the search engines.

Using tag ALT:
It’s very important to use ALT tag, this way you’ll be able to help the search engines with a description of your images, that are the complements of your articles. Also remember that you should not add text into an image, because this cannot be read by search engines.

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