Sultan Hasanuddin

Film jadul ilustration of the final battle in decades of struggle to control spice trade in East Indonesia between Dutch East India Company (VOC) and Sultanate of Gowa in South Celebes. The Battle of Fort Sumba Opu are direct result of unequal treaty of Bongaya (Bongaais verdrag) which utterly humiliating the Makassarese (Sultanate of Gowa). The Makasaresse made the last stand in the Fort of Sumba Opu under the leadership of its ruler, Sultan Hasanuddin with the help of Ternate Sultanate and other european powers for arms, notably English and Portuguesse. With the VOC in East Indies who started the war since 1660 were unable to broke Sultanate defences. They finally gain the upper hand with the arrival of Admiral Corneelis Speelman fleet from VOC headquarter in Batavia (nowadays Jakarta) in 1666.

Video taken from :
The Tsunami Warrior (2008)
Michiel de Ruyter (2015)

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